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About Us

"Peles" company was formed in 1985 as a family-owned company, continuing an already existing 35 years old business. First, it mainly specialized in steel construction and later on expanded into the field of real estate  and public and private construction.

As a contractor, "Peles" had built until today hundreds and thousands squared meters of top quality construction, of all kinds and types and for different sectors.

"Peles" has the most extensive construction license possible, and is authorized by law to commit construction projects in unlimited scopes ( G-5 contractor license).

The company today is active in several different spheres:

  1. First, as a contractor company operating in Israel and abroad for public institutions, industrial companies and entrepreneurs. The list of satisfied customers is long and more than decent, including the Ministry of Defense, Ministry of Construction and Housing, the Electricity Company, the Prison Authority, the Israeli Aerospace Industry, Ministry of Industry, Trade and Labor, Tel-Aviv- Yaffo Municipality and many more.

  2. Second, the company has its own entrepreneurship projects focusing mainly on residential housing, such as "Tel Baruch North"- 184 housing units in Tel Aviv ( part of the partnership of "Mivnei-Gazit/Arlon-Peles"), the cottages project in Mazkeret Batya, "Naot Hapark" in Ashkelon- including 118 housing units and many more.

  3. Finally, due to the increasing demands from its clients and in sequel to the Government's trend to strengthening and shielding thousands of inadequate buildings, "Peles" had professionalized in the realm of renovating buildings against earthquakes according to “National Planning Scheme” No. 38. Within that framework, "Peles" is performing the necessary strengthening in the buildings, renovating it and adding different elements to improve the living standards of the tenants and increase the value of the property. For all this, the tenants are asked for nothing but the authorization to actualize the construction rights.


"Peles" employs an executive staff of foremen and engineers, and also an administrative staff, who together form a professional force with immense knowledge in the fields of construction, entrepreneurship and service, starting from the high-ranked institutional client and down to the private tenant.

"Peles" is managed by Yahoshua Gadot.

The company's specialty is its integration and us of conventional construction elements together with industrial ones. Furthermore, its immense experience and expertise allows it to implement- quickly and with a perfect finish- unique projects.  Hundreds of satisfied clients, apartment owners and entrepreneurs can testify that.


Our Info.:

Address:  Faran 2,  P.O Box 684,

 Yavne’ 83103


Ragistrar of companies No. ח.צ 520038696

(Established in 1986).


Registrar of contractors: class 100/ G-5 (unlimited) no. 11023.


Ministry of Defense: supplier/ contractor no. 83/537388.


Electricity Company: contractor no. 01527. Projects- public and industrial construction.



Contractor license