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TMA 38 

Surveys and Forecasts of research institutions in Israel and around the world expect an earthquake in Israel. Of course you can not predict the exact time of occurrence , however , clear that they had to prepare for it. Israeli regulations require structures for earthquake resistance . The regulations were introduced in 1975 and each new structure required to comply therewith . In preparation for an earthquake a need for strengthening existing structures were built before the regulations took effect . Consequently, in 2005 formulated a national master plan 38 (TMA 38 ) . Program provides planning guidelines for strengthening existing structures in order to improve their resistance to earthquakes and simultaneously defines economic incentives such as additional building and expanding existing units . Whether it is in your apartment building built before 1980 "Peles" invites you to contact us, using one of the contact details on this site to check for you professionally and without any payment and / or obligation on your part , can accommodate the building where your apartment is in the program, "Peles" strengthen the building , renew it , and add other components such as elevators and protected areas , lobbies month by experts of the "Peles" your building will be upgraded building is old and gray new and modern . costs of construction and renovation of these will be at the expense of "Peles" in consideration of additional building rights will be obtained by it. when you stand before making the decision which company to choose to upgrade a valuable asset to your Remember that "Peles" is a construction veteran with vast experience and proven development and construction projects , "Peles" is H"momhh number one " special projects and complex in Tel - Aviv and the rest of the country.... there is only one address ! !